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At™, we center our entire existence on keeping you satisfied. As the premier and #1 phone sex company in the USA, we strive to provide you with the very best sexual experience. In the entertainment industry, we believe that PhoneChicks™ fulfills a special and untapped need for high quality sex services from gorgeous and horny babes that are at your call – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a USA based company, PhoneChicks gives you the reassurance of providing you with only the best in hot and horny women who seek to be your partners in helping you to reach your sexual high time and again. You will find only top quality young ladies that are hand picked by our experts for their beauty, poise, grace and sexual attractiveness at PhoneChicks.

In addition, we set ourselves apart from the competition because all of our hot babes are in house. We do not employ any phone sex operators outside of our facility. We do this because we want to keep our quality high and the best we know how to do so is from there to be this increased level of accountability.

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Dinah / 25 / Blonde / 5’6″
Phone Sex Dinah 1 Home
Rating:  Home (5.0 / 5)
Dinah is known as the “freak in the sheets”! Just call her now and ask her why!

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Ariel / 28 / Redhead / 5’5″
Phone Sex Ariel 1 Home
Rating:  Home (4.7 / 5)
Ariel is all about making you comfortable and wants you to cum all over her.

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Willow / 27 / Blonde / 5’4″
Phone Sex Willow 1 Home
Rating:  Home (4.8 / 5)
Willow is one of our naughtiest girls who loves to talk about anything. What’s your favorite naughty subject?

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Ashley / 26 / Blonde / 5’6″
Phone Sex Ashley 1 Home
Rating:  Home (4.8 / 5)
Ashley is a lithe stunner who practices tantric sex and specializes in domination.
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Amanda / 25 / Redhead / 5’5″
Phone Sex Amanda 3 Home
Rating:  Home (4.4 / 5)
Amanda is a natural redhead who also enjoys an intimate lifestyle as a nudist.
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Tiffany / 22 / Blonde / 5’4″
Phone Sex Brenda 1 Home
Rating:  Home (4.2 / 5)
Tiffany is an aspiring massage therapist who specializes in making men feel good.
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Courtney / 23 / Brunette / 5’3″
Phone Sex Courtney 2 Home
Rating:  Home (4.9 / 5)
Courtney is a sensual bi-sexual of the Asian persuasion who specializes in “mommy fantasies.”
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Heather / 24 / Blonde / 5’6″
Phone Sex Emma 1 Home
Rating:  Home (4.1 / 5)
Heather is a sweet California girl who is anything but innocent when you get to know her.
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Jamey / 21 / Blonde / 5’7″
Phone Sex Jamey 3 Home
Rating:  Home (4.5 / 5)
Jamey is a sultry Southern belle whose down-home accent will drive you wild.
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Jasmine / 33 / Brunette / 5’7″
Phone Sex Jasmine 1 Home
Rating:  Home (4.6 / 5)
Jasmine is a smoldering bi-sexual actress who can be any character you desire.
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Wendy / 28 / Brunette / 5’2″
Phone Sex Katie 15 Home
Rating:  Home (4.2 / 5)
Wendy is an adorable twenty-something bi-sexual who lives a clothing-optional lifestyle.
Call Now! 800-091-4999
Sylvia / 31 / Brunette / 5’6″
Phone Sex Rose 1 Home
Rating:  Home (4.8 / 5)
Sylvia is a raven-haired beauty who knows what she wants… and what she wants you to do.
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Holly / 24 / Blonde / 5’6″
Phone Sex Sandy 1 Home
Rating:  Home (4.4 / 5)
Holly is a vivacious midwestern girl who loves to act out x-rated film scenes.
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Tori / 27 / Blonde / 5’7″
Phone Sex Stacey 1 Home
Rating:  Home (4.9 / 5)
Tori are a sexy newcomer from England who loves to exercise naked.
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Trisha / 27 / Brunette / 5’5″
Phone Sex Trisha 4 Home
Rating:  Home (4.8 / 5)
Trisha is a show-business girl from Las Vegas who enjoys threesomes.
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Here at Phone Chicks we strive to offer you both affordable and flexible pricing. Please see our pricing packages below:

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PhoneChicks was started because we realized that there was an unfulfilled need within the industry. The sex entertainment industry had lost its focus and drive and PhoneChicks was determined to change this. By putting our clients first and engaging them with hot and horny women who are waiting eagerly for you to talk to them so they can give you the kind of experience you desire, PhoneChicks knew that they could make a difference in the health and happiness of today’s astute man.

We understand men. They can be so alike in many ways but they can also very different. At PhoneChicks, we cater to both their similarities and their differences to provide a comprehensive experience that is not found anywhere else. This is how we do it.

For All Men or Women
In order to cater to that side of men that is all the same, we only offer women who meet our high standards. The phone sex operators at PhoneChicks must be sexy with bodies that are extraordinary. Large breasts, shiny hair, shapely asses and long legs are a must in order to be able to call yourself a PhoneChick.
We know that physical attributes are not the only important aspect of offering a high quality service though. All of our lovely ladies have personalities that make them shine. Easy to talk to, our gorgeous babes are personable and fun. They are never shy and always want to talk about how horny they are and how eager they are to find sexual satisfaction from you.

Catering to the Individual Man
We know that there are wide differences in what an individual man likes compared to his neighbor, his best friend or even his brother. This is why, in addition to ensuring that each of the PhoneChicks meets our standards outlined above, we also hire a variety of different types of women. We have tall and thin blondes with willowy, model like features and why hire voluptuous brunettes that have big and curvy asses. Asian women and redheads help round out the variety so that we can ensure that we have at least a few different kinds of PhoneChicks to meet the needs and desires of every man out there.

PhoneChicks Gives You What You Want on Your Schedule
At PhoneChicks, we know how busy you are. We know that you are always able to enjoy the type of satisfaction that you body demands. Today’s modern man is a multifaceted person who has many irons in the fire. Being busy with the many responsibilities that come with being a good man can make it difficult if not impossible to find the type of woman that one desires.

This lack of time not only makes it difficult to meet women, it also makes it hard to find the time to have that release of raw sexual energy. Even if you can somehow carve out the time, your tried and true methods of building excitement can become old and stale after just a short amount of time.

Our PhoneChicks allow you to add a welcome burst of fresh energy and raw sex appeal that cannot be found anywhere else. Working solely on your own schedule, you want enjoy a highly sexual experience with a hot babe who is eager for you to tell her what you want her to do. Or maybe you are the type of man who wants to be instructed in handling your own package. Either way, our PhoneChicks are standing by to provide you with an experience like no other.
If you are like many men, you like to see a woman dress nicely almost as much as you like them naked. Our horny ladies are always happy to tell you exactly what they are wearing so that you can get your motors roaring. Whether you get turned on by a woman wearing a slinky negligee or you like a tight and form fitting mini dress, our PhoneChicks love to dress up and tell you all about it.

In fact, role playing is something that every single one of the women that work for us can do for you. Maybe you have a lifelong wish to have a sexy nurse nibble on your knob? We have blonde Sylvia that would love to go down on you while wearing her tight nurse’s uniform. Or maybe you want a bespectacled school teacher to spank you for all your misdeeds while she spreads her luscious lips so that you can see everything. Heather fits the bill perfectly for this type of role play and she loves to tell you all about what she will do to you to make you cum and cum. Let PhoneChicks insert some fun and sexiness into your everyday life so that you are always satiated.

Our Ladies Treat You Like You Are Right There
Our PhoneChicks are the next best thing to actually being there. In fact, in many cases, experiencing phone sex is so much better than actually being there. For one thing, you can engage in phone sex on your own time table. Whether you have free time in the morning or in the middle of the night, our PhoneChicks are always there waiting for you.
You also do not have to worry about any drama happening on the phone. All of our PhoneChicks are highly trained professionals that strive to deliver a bone shaking orgasm to each and every one of their clients. How do they do this? By listening to you and giving you exactly what you want. Whether what you want is for your horny lady to plunge her fingers deep into her pussy as she loudly has an orgasm or you want her to describe how she will nibble your knob, the choice is yours.

While you probably do not think about your health when you are concentrating on how to meet your needs for pussy but it is definitely something that should be on your radar. Fortunately, with phone sex with one of our gorgeous PhoneChicks, you can rest assured that you will not be exposed to any diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases are rampant these days. What makes this situation even more scary than the fact that you often do not know if a person has such a disease is that many of them will stay with you for life. So even if you are able to get the symptoms treated during an outbreak, your body could harbor it and the disease could spring up at any time and least of all when you expect it.

A Dedication to Personalized Service
When it comes to the loosely connected array of services that are collectively referred to as the “sex industry,” a service like our website is often lost in the shuffle. There was a time when late-night television carried many commercials for services like these. While we definitely believe that our girls will serve you better than a competitor’s site, for a number of reasons, it’s true that these types of late-night commercials kept erotic chat services in the public eye. That doesn’t happen anymore, and the average customer may not be aware just how relevant to his interests a service like ours can be.

In an age where porn is as close as the nearest web browser, and a web browser is as close as the phone in your pocket, a lot of people might think to themselves, “What do I need a phone chat line for? I can see the sexiest naked women I want, all from my smartphone, any time that I like.” This attitude, in fact, has been killing some of the bigger adult industry movie houses for some time. Just like the introduction of the VCR killed off the “dirty movie theater,” the rise of free porn on various “tube” sites, as well as other video sharing web portals, has led to the downfall of some of the “paid” porn out there. In other words, a lot of people think you have to be a sucker to pay for porn… and when it comes to the type of pre recorded stuff you can see in video format on the Internet, they may be right.

So why do paid sites still exist? Well, they exist for video porn simply because paid sites give customers access to specialized content that may not be available on the free shared sites. Maybe the customer has a favorite performer who is only available through her own paid website. Maybe the customer has a peculiar kink that requires a specialty paid site to answer it. Either way, what do all these things have in common? They are the hallmarks of personalized service, and personalized service is why some customers are willing to pay rather than to use free sites. For the discerning customer, the personalized content that speaks directly to him is the deciding factor. And that is why this site is so useful to you, because we take the personalized aspect to the next level. And what is that next level, you may ask: Why, interactivity, that’s what.

Interactivity is what makes any phone chat service relevant to the individual consumer. Interactivity has been attempted in video formats, of course, to limited amounts of success. For example, you can buy a DVD or visit a specialty website that allows you to control the “action” up to a certain point. You can direct the girl you are watching to take off certain items of clothing, assume specific positions, play with the toys that you like, and even say different things. But this type of interactivity is a poor reproduction of actual responsiveness to your needs and your desires. When you’re talking to a dead-eyed video, you aren’t really talking to anyone at all. You’re talking to yourself in an empty room, and the video you are watching is playing simple pieces of a pre recorded script. That type of interactivity isn’t really an exchange at all. It is you pretending to talk and interact with a real woman, when in fact you are doing nothing more than listening to prerecorded dialogue that has already been invented and arranged.

Do you know those kids’ toys that pretend to interact with when you talk to them? They respond to changes in light against a sensor built into them, and they play different pieces of dialogue depending on whether they are jostled or their audio sensors pick up some loud noise. A few years ago, when those toys were popular, a US government agency even banned them in their offices, out of fear that the little furry toys could record sensitive state secrets that were spoken out loud. But the toys weren’t alive, and talking to them was only fooling yourself into thinking you were interacting with a real person. Is that what you want from your sexual interactions? Do you want to feel like you’re talking to a soulless, inanimate object? Does that turn you on, talking to nothing and to no one, listening to pre-scripted dialogue recorded by a woman who could very well be long retired from the sex industry?

We can safely predict that, no, that’s not what you want, because that’s not what anybody wants. You want true interactivity when it comes to your adult, erotic entertainment. You want to feel like your needs are being met, yes, and you may want to indulge in your particular kink (which you can without ever being judged). But most of all, you want a human connection. You want to know there is a real live girl at the other end of that conversation. You want to feel like someone who actually knows what you want, and can feed of the energy you give her, is talking to you, entertaining your fantasies, and getting you off in style. And we want you to feel so turned on by what you’ve experienced that you come back as many times as you like, and spend as much time talking to our girls as you can.

Are you ready for a sexual experience unlike one you’ve ever had before? Are you ready to have your needs met? Are you tired of wasting your time on video recordings? Select one of our girls today. Pick the one whose look and whose description turns you on the most. When you call, you’ll have the chance to really get to know her, and she’ll have the chance to really get to know you. That’s what personalization is all about, and that’s our promise of genuine interactivity for you.

Our Dedication to Our Girls
It’s a sad fact of the industry that many sites simply don’t put a lot of thought, effort, or screening into their talent. This is not the case with PhoneChicks. All of our girls are hand-selected by PhoneChicks management using an extensive set of criteria so that we can bring you the finest in adult entertainment and, more importantly, erotic interaction. This is why you come to a phone chat site, after all: You want someone who can engage your feelings and your thoughts, someone who can fire your imagination, someone who can listen to you and work with you in trading on your thoughts and desires. As you can imagine, this sort of person does not just happen along. From among all the available applicants, we choose only those who we think will be the perfect ladies to staff our PhoneChicks phone lines. That brings us to just what makes a good PhoneChicks operator. We think you’ll agree that we know how to pick them.

First, our girls must absolutely be free of the desire to judge. We know that the key to your fantasy, the key to your sexual experience when you talk to one of our girls, is that you must feel comfortable. You can’t be comfortable and relaxed, and you can’t settle back into your fantasy and share it with someone else, if you are worried about how she might react when you reveal your deepest desires to her. Well, you don’t have to worry. When we choose our girls, we make sure that they are the type who would never judge a man’s fantasy negatively. We ask them to reassure us that they are as open-minded as possible. We make sure that they are, and when they take up the phones at our office (and never at remote locations) they are as accepting of your fantasies, and as helpful to you, as they can possibly be. This creates the type of warm (or hot) exchange in which you can completely be yourself.

Second, we screen our girls for imagination. That might sound a little strange, but it’s a fact that the more inventive a girl is, and the more imagination she has, the better she can take your fantasies and run with them. When you talk to one of our Phonechicks operators, you need to know that she’s going to be able to work with whatever fantasy you have. She can take your desires and talk to you about them in a way that makes them the hottest, most fulfilling fantasy you’ve ever had… and the best part is, that fantasy is completely interactive. This isn’t like watching porn. When you explain to our operators what it is that you want, they’re going to work with you to give you exactly the type of hot, fulfilling sexual experience you are looking for. Our girls are the hottest in the industry precisely because they have the imagination to work with any fantasy you give them… and like we said, there is nothing you can say that will make them judge you, make fun of you, or be turned off by you. Our girls WANT you to be turned on, and they are turned on by the things that you tell them.

That’s one of our dirty little secrets, and the dirtier, the better: When we choose our girls, we make sure we choose the ones who enjoy doing what they are doing. In other words, we want girls who are genuinely excited at the prospect of talking to you about your fantasies. The more you turn her on, the better, and the more she enjoys her job, the happier we are with her. When you think about it, it only makes good sense: You will get the hottest, most inventive fantasy experience imaginable, and that will keep you coming back to us. She, in turn, will get so turned on that what she is doing won’t seem like “work” at all. When our ladies derive pleasure from their jobs, they come to work every day that much happier, and the happier we can make them, the happier they can make you. It’s the opposite of a “vicious cycle,” one that results in the utmost satisfaction for YOU.

That’s what we really want you to understand about the process of selecting talent to talk to you about your fantasies. At PhoneChicks, the only thing that matters to us is how happy and satisfied you are with your customer experience. It’s at the heart of our business model, and there is nothing more important than making sure you end every call with one of our operators as gratified as you can be.

Our Dedication to Our Equipment
There’s another aspect to work here at PhoneChicks that doesn’t always get noticed. You might say that if you DID notice it, we haven’t done our jobs. A famous author once said that if he wrote something that sounded like writing, he knew he had to rewrite it. What he meant was, if what you are experiencing takes you OUT of the experience, it isn’t working right at all. The same is true of movies. If you are watching a movie and you escape into it, then something happens to bring you out of the escape (say, you see an actor you recognize and you can’t really see him in that role), the experience is ruined. Well, if you are engaged in a phone chat with one of our operators and suddenly you become of audio issues, that is going to take you out of the experience. You’re going to think less about your fantasy and more about the quality issues of your call, the experience of your call is disrupted and everything is spoiled. We never want that to happen to you. We never want your fantasy to be disrupted. The spell must never be broken, so to speak… not until you are ready to conclude it. We want you always to be in control, and if you are dealing with call quality issues, that can’t happen.

To that end we have in invested in state of the art equipment to make sure your call quality is as good as it can possibly be. You know how the competing wireless phone carriers are always taking shots at each other, comparing the size of their networks and their coverage areas? Well, we are the first people to understand a little online naughty-bits-measuring, sure, but we don’t go in for that sort of thing ourselves. You’ll never hear us bad-mouth the competition. We think that high quality speaks for itself, and speaks much more loudly than any amount of negativity we could possibly think to spread around about our competitors.

If we do our job correctly when it comes to the equipment that controls how you are connected to our operators, the same equipment that sustains the call quality so that you can engage in your fantasy uninterrupted, you will never even think about. Just the thought about the call itself will never enter your mind as long as we have achieved our quality goals. We want you focused on the lady you are speaking to and the fantasy you are having with her. We never want you to be taken out of that experience, to have the “fourth wall” broken, so to speak. That’s an expression used with television and movies, but the same is true of your fantasy phone chat. That’s because when you engage in a fantasy with your lady, your imagination, and hers, are providing the mental imagery on which you are focusing. That is what we deliver to you, flawlessly, every time and all the time, if we do our jobs correctly. We are in the business of giving you your fantasies.

Our Promise To You
We really can’t stress enough that PhoneChicks exists to make its customers happy. There are too few businesses today that are devoted to the customer experience as an absolute. What does that mean? It means that our first goal, the goal that must be answered before all others, is making sure you could recommend PhoneChicks to your friends. Ask yourself, when you are done with each phone chat, with each incredible, unique, and interactive fantasy brought to you by one of our beautiful and sexy ladies, if you are completely satisfied. Do you have any complaints? If you do, we’ve failed, and we strive always to stay on track. We will never fail you, not if there is a way we can make it right.

When was the last time a business told you that it was devoted to your pleasure? Better yet, did they mean it? We can say this to you with complete confidence. When we tell you that we are devoted to your satisfaction, it is the truth. That’s why we got into this business. We set out with just a few sexy ladies and the dream of helping men across the country enjoy their interactive fantasies, free of judgment and with total relaxation and comfort. What started small soon built into the PhoneChicks operation you see here today.

Your Fantasies Answered
Every man has different fantasies. Every man has different women who turn him on. If you think about the women you find most sexy, and you compare them to the ones your male friends find sexy, you’ll be surprised at the wide array of variations that are represented. You and your friends will have certain extremely sexy celebrities in common, of course. And maybe there’s a particularly sweet young thing at your office, somebody about whom you actually fantasize, that you and your friends can agree is one smoking hot lady. Looking through the talent arrayed on these pages, you won’t find anyone among them who ISN’T sexy. But there’s a good chance that if you and your buddies sat down and ranked them from least sexy to most sexy, you and your friends would have entirely different lists. It’s hard to say why a man becomes turned on by a specific set of features, or a specific set of proportions, when he looks at a woman. The way a man imprints on what he finds sexy can be something of a mystery (although we all can point to certain things that turned us on early in life, and there’s a good chance that we can link these to what we see as sexy now).

So what’s your pleasure? We want you to go through our list of girls and choose the ones who you find the sexiest. Pick the one you can picture taking to bed. Picture yourself putting your hands all over her, running your hands across her flawless skin, cupping her generous breasts, squeezing her firm, full rear end. Can you see it? Can you picture it? Is the fantasy becoming real for you? If that’s so, then that’s good, because that’s precisely the feeling we want you to have when you pick up the phone and call. That’s what you need to do right now. You need to get that call going.

Pick Up That Phone
How many hours have you wasted in your life up to this point? How many days? How many years? Have you spent too little time getting the sexual experience that you truly desire? Well, Phonechicks puts the ultimate in hardcore fantasy fulfillment right at your fingertips. The time to fulfill your fantasies is right now. Please, don’t waste any more time. Pick up that phone and, with the girl of your dreams right at your fingertips, place a call to her. Tell her your fantasies. Let her in and tell her all of your deepest desires. You don’t have to hold back. In fact, it’s much better if you don’t. Tell your Phonechicks girl what you want, what you’ve always wanted… and brace yourself for the best chat of your sexual life.

If you are looking for cheap phone sex with the hottest girls around, then you have come to the right place. At PhoneChicks, we gather together all the sexiest babes in one fabulous spot so that you do not have to go far when you want to talk to a lovely lady. These are not just the most beautiful women in the world though these ladies are among the horniest we have ever encountered.

It takes a special woman to deliver the premium adult phone chat that we promise our clients. For one thing, they cannot be shy. In fact, our ladies have to be able to get very intimate and detailed with you in order to deliver the type of experience you are looking for. This means that our women cannot be shy about telling you where to put your hands. They need to be able to describe their own bodies and tell you the effect you are having on them.

This is not to say that we do not have some women that are flirtatious and that act shy. Or silly. Or domineering. Or submissive. Or… You get the picture. What we aim to do here at PhoneChicks is to provide every man with his dream girl. Everyone is different and will find different things that turn them on. Some men like ravaging an uptight school teacher who is a mass of quivering nerves underneath her button down blouse. Or maybe you are the type of man who wants to tell your sexy phone chat model how to touch herself so that you are both getting all steamed up.

No matter what your fantasy is or how your tastes in women run, we have the choices to make you happy. Our hotties are awaiting your call so that they can engage you in the type of phone sex you want. It is your call and you are in control. If you want a sweet, innocent and submissive woman who bends to your every command, we have you covered — in more ways than one!

Our Sex Chat Beauties
Not every woman is cut out to be one of our phone sex models. Even though we have many women who express an interest in doing this for us, we are very choosy when it comes to allowing them to call themselves PhoneChicks. We promise to deliver only the best to our clients because that is what we think they deserve. It is nothing less than what we ourselves would expect if we were using our own service.

For starters, our women have to be drop dead gorgeous. Not only do they need to be absolute stunners, but also they have to have that something special that makes them noticeable in a crowd and that makes heads turn wherever they go. Why do they need to be so pretty when you do not actually see them while you are chatting with them?

We put only the actual pictures of the actual women that you are talking to up on our site. You will find no false advertising here. With us, what you see is definitely what you get. We know how important good and sexy looks are to a man and his sexual experience. Because each of our women has a photo here on our website, they have to be stunning to look at so that you can visualize your experience with them that much easier.

Of course, good looks are only one part of the equation that we use here at PhoneChicks when it comes to choosing our women. A woman can be gorgeous as they come but if she is not able to hold a conversation for more than two seconds, well then obviously she is not a good fit for a phone sex chat now is she? Because our girls spend so much time talking, then need to be able to hold a conversation with men of all types.

A word about voices. Now we each have our own preferences when it comes to voices. Some men love the shy sounding and whispery voice that seems likes a throwback to the older movie sirens while others like a tiny squeaky voice of a young woman who is just barely an adult. Still others prefer the deep and husky voice of a full-throated siren that makes you think of mermaids luring men to their deaths with their sweet sea songs.

Regardless of which type of voice you prefer, we place a high premium on the way our women sound. After all, their voice is their calling card to you. You will be making your impressions of your experience based on how she sounds when you talk to her. Before a woman is able to call herself a PhoneChick, she has to demonstrate that she has a sexy voice that is desirable and makes us practically come in our pants right then and there.

We take the security of our clients very seriously. Even though you are not actually having any physical contact with the women that you talk to on our cheap phone sex lines, we still require them to complete and pass a background check. Why do we do this? We aim to set the standards of this industry. We want to set the bar high and make sure that only those women who have the highest of standards are able to call themselves PhoneChicks. We think it is important for your comfort and safety when it comes to sharing your most intimate secrets.

We take care of the vetting of the women as well as all the technical issues that go along with having to connect you with the hottest women in the industry. We do this so that you can simply relax and enjoy yourself when you call. We want to make PhoneChicks the ultimate experience in the phone sex industry and we are poised to take this industry by storm.

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